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The concept for sustainable and local production of the Greenwall was developed by UrbaneProduction.Ruhr in cooperation with Bochum Economic Development , the university  Bochum , the Institute for Work and Technology and the Urbanisten eV  awarded the special prize for urban production.
Eco Concept: Text
Eco Concept: Text


As a young company, ACERON has set high standards for the supply chain and production.

The basic construction of the Greenwall is to be made from renewable raw materials. In the initial phase, FSC and PEFC-certified cut wood is obtained from B2B suppliers in the Ruhr area and the surrounding area in order to keep transport routes as short as possible.

At a later date it is planned to switch the material to bamboo panels. Bamboo has the advantage of growing faster and acting as a more effective CO2 store.
However, this conversion should only take place when the raw material bamboo, after including the transport route and processing, shows a better environmental compatibility than European and German wood and optimally local suppliers offer this material.


All products are delivered via DHL's climate-neutral shipping service. 

As little packaging material as possible should be used. 

cardboard boxes and  Inner packaging consists of biodegradable and untreated materials such as wood shavings or grass paper, to avoid unnecessary and difficult to recycle  generate plastic waste.

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The Greenwall itself is designed to be simple in terms of operation but also in terms of structure. On the one hand, this is helpful in production, but it is also used for quick and easy repairs in use.

If during use after the warranty has expired  If damage or defects occur, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to rectify them yourself:

  • ACERON manufactures the Greenwall itself in Germany,  This means that the spare parts that are needed are always available.

  • You can just contact us and the  required spare parts will be sent immediately.

  • Instructions for removing and installing the components are available here so that you can carry out this repair yourself. See the Service section for more information.

    If you have any questions or would like more detailed explanations, you can of course write to us.

This concept should make it possible to make the product functional again without sending it back or even disposing of it.

During the warranty period and at the customer's request, the Greenwall can of course also be used  be sent in for repair.

See the Contact Us section for contact details and return address.

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Greenwall components are always checked for defects prior to shipment. After a long period of use, however, these also break and can no longer be used properly.

Since various electronic components are also installed in the Greenwall, disposal will inevitably result in e-waste.

To prevent this, we offer  irreparable greenwalls for free  to take back.

After sending in, the defective components will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and the Greenwalls will be resold as refurbished products if necessary.

With this procedure  the built-in material remains in the consumer cycle and polluted for as long as possible  not  unnecessarily the environment.  

A corresponding submission form can be downloaded from the service page for printing.

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