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Hydroponische Gemüsefarm

The Hydroponic series from ACERON

Hydroponischer Kopfsalat

The benefits of hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that provides seedlings with a nutrient solution. Water and minerals are pumped directly to the roots of the plants, enabling growth in a controlled environment.

This system has many advantages:

The plants do not need to be treated with pesticides because pests, which are often transmitted through the soil, no longer come into contact with the plant.

In addition, the plants are only picked if they are actually eaten. So you always have fresh ingredients in the kitchen. 

Growing in ACERON's hydroponic systems is also sustainable: 

If you use the HydroBox or HydroTop at home, you save packaging material and the trip to the supermarket. With the Greenwall Industrial, long supply chains and cumbersome transport are also minimized, as the Greenwall is designed for plant cultivation in urban areas - i.e. very close to the consumers.

Through controlled cultivation and the optimal supply of light and nutrients to the plants, growth is increased by up to 40% compared to conventional cultivation. This means you can have your healthy and sustainable food on your plate much faster!

HydroBox Model.png

The HydroBox

The HydroBox is a compact system for automated plant cultivation for the home. ​

The hydroponic system supplies the plants with water, light and nutrients at the touch of a button.

It is controlled via a touch display with many options for adjusting the supply.

The top can also be exchanged for other layouts and adapted to your space requirements. 

Simple. Modular.
User friendly.

The HydroBox simply needs to be connected to the power supply.

The ebb and flow irrigation system is activated and autonomously supplies crops and ornamental plants with a nutrient solution for optimal and rapid growth.

The nutrient solution is reused, meaning it can be used for several days without refilling.

The HydroBox's electronic components can be easily replaced. 

The software is open source and licensed under the GPL v3 License.

HydroBox Model 2.png

The HydroTop

The HydroTop is a raised bed for the balcony or garden. 

Once connected, the plants are automatically supplied with a nutrient solution and built-in sensors and controllers continuously monitor the cycle.

The system reuses the nutrient solution, allowing it to operate for several weeks without refilling.

HydroTop 2.png

Large. Stylish. Clean.

The minimalist design is a real eye-catcher in the greenhouse and offers you plenty of space for all plants and seedlings.

The 3 attachments can be swapped like the HydroBox to create larger plant boxes.

Since no soil is used, growing plants with the HydroTop is very clean.

The Greenwall Industrial

Greenwall Industrial.png

The Greenwall Industrial is a module for vertical plant cultivation based on hydroponics.

It measures 100x50 cm and already contains the necessary cables and systems to supply the plants.

Depending on the size of the available space, several modules can be connected, which then act as a large system.

Autonomous. Efficient. Local.

The Greenwall independently supplies the plants with light, nutrients and water. The system includes, among other things, a water tank and a battery power supply so that it can work independently of the mains.

Due to the rapid growth, independence from the seasons and efficient operation, the costs will be at the level of conventional agriculture. 

The Greenwall is designed for use in urban areas in order to keep delivery routes as short as possible.

Greenwall Industrial 2_edited.png
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