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The future of agriculture.

More people, less space, more severe weather extremes.

The supply of plant-based foods has become increasingly complicated in recent decades and today faces many challenges.

ACERON is trying to solve these problems.

Global. Complex. Inefficient.

Humanity is constantly consuming more and more resources.  ​

The constant and varied supply of food is a matter of course for us today.


Industrialization and globalization have therefore created complex supply chains and enormous systems worldwide to meet demand.

In order to supply the abundant supply of vegetables and fruit all year round, water loss, emissions and environmental degradation are accepted. 

Economical. Clean. speedy

Vertical hydroponic farms offer many advantages over conventional farming.

Water is reused through optimized circuits and only reaches the roots of the plant.

In a controlled environment, fruits and vegetables grow faster and have little chance of being attacked by pests.

However, today's systems are still expensive and complicated to set up.

ACERON wants to solve these problems

Simple.   Modular.

The ACERON product family is suitable for all applications.

Whether at home for the kitchen herbs or industrially for commercial cultivation.

The systems follow a simple principle:

They are easy to maintain and repair, modularly adaptable to the area of application and simple to set up and use.

The supply of the plants as well as the monitoring of the nutrient content is completely autonomous and can be individually adapted for different species.  

The new Hydroponic Series will be released over the next few months.

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